ISIS 12 (English)

ISIS12 – Information Security Management System in 12 Steps

  • ISIS12 is a practical procedure model for the establishment of an ISMS with integrated ITSM that has been specifically developed for medium-sized companies
  • Certification of this standard by DQS GmbH or  datenschutz cert GmbH is optionally possible
  • Scalable towards ISO/IEC 27001
    • As pre-certification
    • As a tool to structure ISO/IEC 27001 project
    • Integration Guideline (Q1 2019)
  •  Integrated Privacy Management (for GDPR Compliance)
    • Measures block 1.5 Privacy
    • Guideline through all 12 steps (Q4 2018)

Key Facts:

  • Recommended by the German „IT Planning Council“ for use in medium sized councils (up to 500 PC-Workstations)
  • >200 ISIS12 projects in bavarian councils (with financial support of the Bavarian Ministery of the Interior, for Building and Transport)
  •  Mentioned in two other funding Programms for SME´s

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