CISIS 12 (English)

CISIS12 is an Information Security Management System (ISMS), which is developed, published, trained and distributed by the IT-Security and safety Cluster. It is the result of a ten year development period. CISIS12 is based on the experiences accumulated from the previous versions. The managementsystem is structured simple and comprehensible, even for newcomers it is easily understandable and logical to use. Results can be generated very quickly, which are well suited for a stable and robust management system to be brought to life in a relatively short time.

CISIS12 stands for Compliance and Informationsecurity in twelve steps. The framework enables organisations to roll out information security processes both horizontally and vertically. It is designed to be scalable and helps to set up and maintain an understandable, accepted and appropriate security structure in KMO.

Further development of the previous versions ISIS12 1.9 and ISIS12 2.0. CISIS12®-focuses on Riskmanagement:

  • Compliance and related processes
  • Structured structure: Standard, catalog of measures, audit scheme
  • References to relevant standards and catalogues oft measures from BSI-IT-Grundschutz and ISO/IEC 27001
  • Integration possibilities of industry-specific standards and catalogues, such as TISAX, B3S-KRITIS
  • Supplemented by: Manual, training concept
  • Software with project management, DSGVO module, document control

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